When Bravery Feels Like Being Lost . . .

I have been consistent for a little while now. Dedicating time each day to the craft of writing, or playing my guitar. Consistently in the Word, and praying intentionally, with focus, purpose and boldness.

Just when I start to really let the dream/reality sink in, to believe that those visions of performing on the stage at Ryman auditorium, or sharing performances with artists who are ridiculously inspiring and shall remain nameless, may actually have a chance at becoming my “Someday,” at that very point is when the doubts roll in and hover like black clouds.

Yesterday morning, I could not get out of my own way. Lies of all shapes and sizes crowded out all of the promises that God has already fulfilled, all of the miracles that He did on our behalf less than a year ago. They were gone. Fear, desolation and a complete doubting of my calling left me crying tears of helplessness and hopelessness.

Sometimes we just feel lost — even when nothing about our path, direction or vision has changed.


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In times like these, community is a life-line. I quickly typed out a post explaining the funk, the fear and asking for prayer. My friends, fellow battle wagers, poured out prayers of truth, hope and life over me. They helped cut through the clouds and let His love shine through.

Sometimes going it alone doesn’t work.
Sometimes the truth — though it is ALWAYS true — doesn’t pierce the heart until it is spoken over you by friend.
Sometimes we just can’t escape the darkness without a little help.

When you pray, dear ones, ask God to show you who in your life might need a little encouragement. Ask Him to give you opportunities to be His arms of love, His voice of comfort, His whispers of grace.  And then don’t be afraid to ask for prayers for yourself when you are feeling stuck, or lost.

How can I pray for you? What dreams or situations can I petition the Father for on your behalf?We are in this together, my friends.


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