When BOLD means EXPECTING God to act

Let’s think about our dreams — the things that we secretly (or not-so-secretly) aspire to be; the lives we hope to impact for His glory. Whether we dream of being a business person that is successful enough to be wildly generous, or if we dream of having a speaking ministry that helps to equip people to embrace His truth, and His presence more fully. Maybe we just dream of being able to fully invest in our children and family, homeschooling and raising up a generation on its knees.

When our dreams are aligned with God’s will, and God’s purpose for our lives, HE WILL ACT.

I am guilty of shrinking into the background and timidly offering up my prayers to Him. But this dream that I have to write and perform music that will inspire, heal, uplift and encourage others came from Him!  He is the one that gave me the dream. He planted the seeds in my childhood, slowly letting it grow, until I was ready to respond with bold faith to what He was calling me to do.

We claimed His promise many times last year as we prepared to move to Nashville. We would save, scrimping and pinching to build up the funds needed, only to have to empty the savings for needed car repairs or dental work for our son.  It happened so often that we were frequently proclaiming “Lord — YOU are calling us to make this CRAZY move. YOU have to provide the means for us to get there.”

And He did.

After we moved here, and I was waiting for the pay from my new job to kick in (more than a month after I had started), we lifted our situation up to Him, in confidence that He had brought us here for a reason, and that He had placed us in our jobs for specific purposes. He took care of us — and taught us many lessons about what we really need in this life.

The two most important things that I have learned since we moved here are:

God absolutely, positively provides for His children. He sees our needs, and meets every. single. one. If He hasn’t provided it, I don’t need it! 


Since we have no extra means to promote myself as an artist, or get studio time, or even hire babysitters and pay for parking at open mic nights, anything that happens on that front has to come from God. And it has. He has allowed amazing things to happen — from accidental co-writing sessions to an amazing retreat in the mountains. God says Yes.

God says Yes when He arranges those “coincidental” meetings that change everything, affirming our call to encourage, to speak life in to the hearts of the weary, and hurting.

God says Yes when He gives you the job, with the income, and then shows you the ways you can bless your neighbors, your church, and be a part of God’s vision in not just your own life, but in theirs as well.

God says Yes when He puts a thirst and desire to be with your children, and then provides the means for you to homeschool them.

So don’t shrink back, afraid to ask Him to bless, grow and build the dream that HE gave you.  Ask Him to grow your influence — one life, one group, one church, one city, one state at a time. Ask Him to give you the words to encourage, to inspire, and uplift.

And then, after you have asked, stand back — because BOLD FAITH expects God to move. BOLD FAITH sees the problem, the need, the hurt — the mountain — and tells it to move.

Matthew 17:20
“I tell you the truth, if you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it would move. Nothing would be impossible.”

Are you ready to start believing God BOLDLY, believing that He not only will act, but that He will do things that seem impossible? What can I join you in prayer for? What promises are you  proclaiming?


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