The Mind of an Artist . . .








My mind is never quiet-
never still . . .
A hundred observations and thoughts swirl about in
an elaborate dance
that leaves me exhausted
and ready to take the images I see
and craft them into poetry.

But the train of thought is an elusive,
temperamental beast-
susceptible to flowery breezes,
9 year old’s interrogatives,
and then *snap* – – –

it is gone. . .

The inspiration never leaves –
the ideas hang heavy
and deep within my chest
but the moments that bring clarity
are the rare gems–
dirty and uncut
needing the jeweler’s eye,
the master’s vision,
and the heart of the artist
to become the finished product . . .
the marriage of verse and melody.

My mind is never quiet,
my mind is never still . . .

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