Promises —

There is so much on my heart as I try to process everything that I have learned over this migratory adventure that God has provided for us.

After years have passed, we can see the reasons for things that we thought would achieve a completely different purpose. For example — when my husband got the call to plant a church in Boothbay Harbor, where I taught for thirteen years, we had visions of changing hearts and lives for Christ in the community that I loved so dearly.  But — though we toiled and served and worked and prayed (oh, how we prayed), the church plant never outgrew the confines of our living room.

But — I wrote a heartfelt song that became my anthem for a time. Listen to What it All Comes Down To on my SoundCloud account. And as time passed, the church dissolved, and we continued to pray, all the pieces came together in July of 2013 when we felt the Lord leading us to Nashville. It was a crazy and exciting time as we used the next year as a long goodbye —  to students, my huge family, friends and everything we love behind us in the rearview mirror as we pulled away in a HUGE yellow moving truck.



And guess what — another song came out of it. 🙂  It was my first co-writing experience, too –which was such a joy! Listen to Doubtless Faith on my Soundcloud.

We have felt His constant guidance and love through this journey — we have so many GOD stories. Of provision, of schools working out for my children, of things that seemed like a door shutting leading the way to something BETTER happening. . . We know without a doubt that we are here for a reason, and that we can trust His promises. We can cling to them, and we can rest in them.

What promises are you clinging to in this season? How can I pray for you?





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