Pepper – 11.29

The stingy heat and rich green flavor of the serrano chili peppers coat more than my tongue. The fragance burns through my nostril, clearing sinus passages and waking me up. My tongue is aflame — actual pain radiates from the point of contact. But the flavors remain, and I know that given the opportunity, I will do the same thing again. And again… and again.

Mexican food is a brilliant compilation of spices and vegetables. The brightness of the taste creates a picture in the mind. It can be felt all the way to the heart.

The produce section boasts a rainbow of the varied types of peppers — bell, serrano, jalapeno, anaheim, poblano…

The crisp protective skin snaps as I bite down in the soft, cool flesh. The sound, the resistance — those are as much a part of the experience of eating a pepper as the flavor alone.