There is so much to say.  So many thoughts, opinions, worries, and feelings. Regrets. If only I had stayed home. If only I had just listened to that voice that was yelling at me “why didn’t they cancel???” and take it the next step, regardless of what inconvenience it might have caused. If only I … [Read more…]

the beautiful cycle of grace . . .

My lovely friend April invited me to share my heart on her wonderful internet home, Healing in Heart.  I was thrilled to have the opportunity — the trouble came in where to start, and how much to share (or not share). The end result is a message that I needed to remembered. I hope that … [Read more…]

Finding my why

A combination of several things hitting my awareness all at the same time led to a dramatic shift in my mindset and attitude towards my dream. I saw a promotion for an INCREDIBLE deal that Singing Success is offering right now, that I can’t take advantage of at the moment —  but it reminded me … [Read more…]

It All Matters

  I walked through grief, confusion and despair. Nothing about my situation made sense — so I knew that the Holy Spirit was up to something. But I was not excited about contemplating a career change. Everything in my plan made perfect sense. I even convinced myself that I knew what He was up to.  … [Read more…]

looking back, venturing forward

2017. So much joy, sorrow, excitement, anxiety, fear and hope. January- We started the new year at a new place of worship. Vibrant music, large, alive. February- We waited patiently for small groups to start, so we could get to know more people. Relationships were made. March – The boys and I went to Maine … [Read more…]

The Mind of an Artist . . .

              My mind is never quiet- never still . . . A hundred observations and thoughts swirl about in an elaborate dance that leaves me exhausted and ready to take the images I see and craft them into poetry. But the train of thought is an elusive, temperamental beast- … [Read more…]

We Can No Longer Be Silent.

Isaiah 42:20 (“)You see and recognize what is right but refuse to act on it. You hear with your ears but don’t really listen.” Every time I read this verse, it pierces my heart. Although contextually it is a message to Israel from God, Truth is still true in 2016. As Christian believers, we see … [Read more…]