the beautiful cycle of grace . . .

My lovely friend April invited me to share my heart on her wonderful internet home, Healing in Heart.  I was thrilled to have the opportunity — the trouble came in where to start, and how much to share (or not share). The end result is a message that I needed to remembered. I hope that … [Read more…]

Finding my why

A combination of several things hitting my awareness all at the same time led to a dramatic shift in my mindset and attitude towards my dream. I saw a promotion for an INCREDIBLE deal that Singing Success is offering right now, that I can’t take advantage of at the moment —  but it reminded me … [Read more…]

It All Matters

  I walked through grief, confusion and despair. Nothing about my situation made sense — so I knew that the Holy Spirit was up to something. But I was not excited about contemplating a career change. Everything in my plan made perfect sense. I even convinced myself that I knew what He was up to.  … [Read more…]

looking back, venturing forward

2017. So much joy, sorrow, excitement, anxiety, fear and hope. January- We started the new year at a new place of worship. Vibrant music, large, alive. February- We waited patiently for small groups to start, so we could get to know more people. Relationships were made. March – The boys and I went to Maine … [Read more…]

The Mind of an Artist . . .

              My mind is never quiet- never still . . . A hundred observations and thoughts swirl about in an elaborate dance that leaves me exhausted and ready to take the images I see and craft them into poetry. But the train of thought is an elusive, temperamental beast- … [Read more…]

We Can No Longer Be Silent.

Isaiah 42:20 (“)You see and recognize what is right but refuse to act on it. You hear with your ears but don’t really listen.” Every time I read this verse, it pierces my heart. Although contextually it is a message to Israel from God, Truth is still true in 2016. As Christian believers, we see … [Read more…]